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Welcome to my blog! You will mostly find Martin Freeman, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Doctor Who on my blog; however, I do not limit myself to those things. I have a lot of feelings about Martin, his face, his Amanda, and just everything about him, so expect to see quite a lot of him. Don't hesitate to send me an ask. Enjoy your stay! x
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last one:little Martin ^^


Oh, jesus. No. God, no!


h e l p  m eh e l p  h i m

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My brother just told me Ben gave Martin a standing ovation can we just


parks and recreation + text posts

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The original seems to be offline so if you miss it here it is again.

Thank you. I was looking for it on youtube in order to save it.



Martin Freeman behind the scenes. Graphite pencils 10H-8B on Strathmore Bristol 400. Used this photo from the making of The Empty Hearse as reference… thank you :) New tab for better res. Pairs with this drawing of Benedict. [my art tag]

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I will solve your murder, but it takes John Watson to save your life.


"Oh, Sherlock…"

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What have we done?

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Such a wind as never blew on England yet. It will be cold and bitter, Watson, and a good many of us may wither before its blast. But it’s God’s own wind none the less, and a cleaner, better, stronger land will lie in the sunshine when the storm has cleared.

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Same person

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i think i have found my new favorite photo of ben and martin

imageben is clearly in the middle of a very long detailed answer and martin is like “HEY FUCKER U WANNA GO”